Cristina Mediel


Graduated in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and after 17 years working in the field of vocation and career guidance for young people and adults, as well as in technical and coordinating functions (in a non-governmental body) of occupational training programs for people in a situation of unemployment, young people in situations of social risk and continuous training for workers, they decide to train and work in the field of High Capabilities.

The aspect of checking in their professional practice how some of the adults and young people counseled were very capable people in different areas but who had “failed” in their professional goals, together with the personal experience of being the mother of a child with High Abilities. lead to consider a change of area, within the field of educational psychology.

She is trained as a university expert in High Abilities and Talent Development whose Program Director is Javier Tourón (authority and expert in this field), as well as in different training sessions on the subject and attendance at different International Congresses will be the starting point to work in the identification, orientation and psychoeducational intervention for children but also for the counseling of families and teachers who attend to the needs of these children.