High capacities

How can we know if our child is gifted or has high capacities?

We refer to high capacities, when one person stands out above others intellectually.

The problems of young people in school can appear for many reasons. One of the most unknown are the high capacities. It is understood that people with high abilities are people who have a learning capacity far superior to the rest, as well as having very different ways of learning, which differentiates them from the rest of the children of their age group. Sometimes they get confused with children who seem distracted, and even lazy.

Some of the signs that help identify these children can be:

  • Self-critics and perfectionists
  • High level of frustration, showing great “tantrums”
  • Annoying in class
  • Question authority and standards
  • Has a prodigious memory
  • Learn early in literacy
  • They have a rich, precise and broad vocabulary
  • They tend to be the mockery of classmates

From our center, we can perform a neuropsychological diagnosis to assess the level of global intelligence and in the different areas.
In addition, once the diagnosis is confirmed, we will help them deal with the difficulties they may encounter and enhance each one’s abilities.