Snoezelen multisensory stimulation room

Its main objective is to favor the use of the senses.

Snoezelen is a contraction of the two Dutch words “snuffelen” and “doezelen”, which means something similar to “smell” and “doze or relax.” This technique was developed in the 70s in the Netherlands and arrived to Spain in the year 2000.

The Snoezelen multisensory stimulation room’s main objective is to favor the use of the senses, through the sensory organs, facilitating the experience of rich and varied sensory experiences.
Through multisensory stimulation, applied closely to the person’s abilities, communication and the appearance of adapted behaviors are facilitated. Body scheme and the awareness of the body itself are also worked on, as well as the development of affective and emotional balance, and self-concept and self-esteem. Other areas of work are the channeling of impulsivity and aggressiveness, working memory, attention, concentration, problem solving and creativity.

Some of the most common disorders treated with this methodology are:

  • Learning problems and intellectual disability
  • Elderly people with some type of dementia
  • People with ASD
  • People with chronic pain
  • Hyperactivity
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Attention problems
  • Aggression control
  • Emotional disorder
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Premature children
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