Occupational Therapy

Therapy that works with people with bodily affectations.

The occupational therapist works with those individuals or population groups that suffer the affectation of a body structure or function, due to some change in health, and therefore, causes them to experience limitations in their daily lives.

Occupational Therapy specializes in empowering the person to achieve the highest degree of independence possible in daily life. For this, it is necessary to make an assessment of the individual’s physical, psychological, sensory and social capacities and problems. From this evaluation a work plan is defined. Some of the problems that are treated with occupational therapy are:

  • Motor uncoordination
  • Dysgraphia
  • Manipulative activities and/or fine motor skills
  • Basic activities of daily life such as food, dressing, sphincter control, personal hygien
  • Prevent and/or slow down disability
  • Improve the function of the upper limb: reach of different objects, develop manual preference, oculomanual and bimanual coordination.
  • Increase the child’s self-esteem by modifying and/or adapting their activities and execution contexts
  • Promote proper positioning and postural hygiene

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