Mindfulness Workshop

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The term Mindfulness refers to Full Attention: that is, pay attention to the here and now.

We have a complex and increasingly fast life. The society in which we live often leads us to go with the “autopilot”; We follow marked routines without looking at what we do or how we do it. And many times, situations of the past and the uncertainty of the future fill our minds with negative thoughts that produce anguish and stress.

The term Mindfulness refers to Full Attention: that is, paying attention to the here and now, consciously paying attention to the present moment with interest, curiosity and acceptance.

It would be unthinkable to live without the ability to be in the present, because it allows us to remember where we are going while we are going somewhere, although during the journey we have lost ourselves in thousands of thoughts. Although we generally believe that we are aware of our attention, what really happens is that we are constantly attending to thoughts about the past or the future or, recognizing only a small portion of what is happening in the present moment: if I like the experience and I want it to continue or if I want it to disappear because I dislike it.

In Kinderapia we use diverse techniques to learn to be aware of where we are, to know each other better and accept who we are. Our goal is to help you enjoy the present moment without hurry or stress by learning strategies to deal with the setbacks and difficulties of life without getting carried away by them.

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