We accompany your son or daughter in a key phase of their life: their development

In Kinderapia you will find a multidisciplinary team specialized in providing psychological, clinical-health and educational care to children, adolescents and their families.

María José Téllez

Neuropsychologist and founder of Kinderapia

Degree in Psychology, specialized in Clinical Psychology. She has a Master’s degree in Neuropsychology, and has trained as a child-adolescent psychotherapist in Frankfurt and in multiple courses related to emotional intelligence, learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorders …

Laura López

Technical Director and Neurologist

Graduated in speech therapy, specialized in oral and written speech and language disorders. She specializes in neurology and in vocal problems, completing the master’s degree in Neurology-Pediatrics and the postgraduate degree in Voice Disorders.

Yolanda De la Iglesia

Administrative Director and Clinical Psychologist

Degree in Psychology in the clinical field. She has experience in direct care, especially of people with special needs, mental illness and people with ASD. At Kinderapia, she is in charge of coordinating the center and managing the administration.

Cristina Mediel


Graduated in Psychology from the UAB, and “university expert in High Abilities and Talent Development”. she from UNIR (International University of La Rioja). She performs the High Abilities Idententifications in children at an individual level, but also in a group level in the school environment, as well as guidance and counseling to families and monitoring and intervention in schools, where she can also give training programs in reference to this field. She has training and experience in group dynamics and in various workshops on study techniques, time management and training of trainers.

Norma Mas

Speech therapist

Graduated in Speech Therapy, Graduated in Psychology and Diploma in Special Education, but in Kinderapia she will work with children who have problems with oral and written language, as a speech therapist.

Sergi Navarro


Graduated in Psychology and specialized in clinical evaluation and intervention. He is being trained in the health itinerary for children and adolescents. Currently in Kinderapia he carries out specific school reinforcement for boys and girls in initial, primary and secondary education.