Nutrition Therapy

Tired of making frustrating diets that have not led you to anything?

We have designed a dietary and follow-up program to change eating habits, learn to eat and get to know your body better.

Do you want to know what foods your body needs to maintain your health and at the same time lose weight?

Do you need support to overcome anxiety or depression?

Do you want to feel accompanied to achieve your goal?

People with anxiety or stress, pregnant women, mothers and fathers who want to learn about food to offer their families a richer and more balanced diet, teenagers worried about their image, women in the menopause stage, people with some type of pathology (for example Immune System, cardiovascular conditions, Joints, Allergies and Intolerances, Digestive system, sexual dysfunction, Kidney Problems…).

It works in a holistic way since it combines a work at the emotional level as well as at the behavioral level, in this way we allow you to achieve your goals satisfactorily without harming health. This team’s work is what differentiates our program from the rest of traditional dietary programs in the market.

At Kinderapia we have designed a Dietary and Follow-up Program to change eating habits, learn to eat and get to know your body better.
All this consists of a complete study, not only taking into account the particularities of each person, but also taking into account the intolerances, allergies, diseases and physical limitations and motivations of each person.