Psychology for adults

The difficulties for an adult can be many and are mainly caused by vital changes such as, for example, a divorce, the death of a beloved relative, a move… Here are some of the most widespread problems in the population.


Instinctive response to difficult situations or danger. An adequate index of anxiety helps us to overcome challenges that require total attention and action. But an inadequate response, if it is too intense or when this response is activated without apparent cause, can generate a psychological and physical imbalance that does not allow the correct development and functionality of the affected person.


It is understood as a state of sadness that extends over time and generates problems in the daily activities of the person. Its symptoms are, among others, the little desire to carry out activities or obligations of daily life, social isolation, demotivation before any event…

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

It is characterized by repetitive thoughts and actions that the person cannot control or stop. They have to do with security, order or the performance of a certain task. This significantly affects not only the person suffering from the disorder but also their family and social or work environment.


Natural response to an excess of situations that generate tension. A high level of stress can affect our state of physical health as well as mental health. Some of the symptoms are, for example, excessive self-demand, negative thoughts and failure to face our goals, nervousness, increased substance use, sudden urge to cry, insomnia, lack of sexual appetite…

Bipolar disorder

Pathology that generates changing and extreme moods. Sometimes the person feels euphoric, very happy and at other times extremely unhappy. It is a serious pathology since without treatment and in extreme cases, the person can hurt his- or herself or even reach suicide.


They are irrational fears, triggered by the anticipation or presence of a specific object or situation (flying, animals, injections, closed places…).

In Kinderapia, in addition to treating these disorders we also treat post-traumatic stress, sleeping disorders, sexual problems, partner problems, work addiction…

*** As an important note you should know that the administration of drugs such as anxiolytics or antidepressants is contraindicated without the accompaniment of psychological treatment. The drugs get relief from emotional discomfort associated with the symptoms generated by the pathology, but they do not get a cure for it. In addition, in the long term such discomfort may be more intense and increasingly difficult to treat. Therefore, it is recommended to see a specialist as soon as possible.